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à la Carte Services

Below is a list of popular services for businesses looking to promote their brands. Each service includes a choice of 2–3 initial concepts, and 2 rounds of minor edits to the chosen design. Additional edits or revisions will be charged an hourly rate of $80/hr. Please note that website updates and printing services can also be provided. Pricing for these will vary per-project.

Tech setup

Canva Brand Setup (for paid accounts) - $80
Your colour values, fonts and logos plugged into your (paid) Canva subscription, allowing you to create consistent pieces on your own.

Wave Accounting Program Brand Setup - $80
Your colour values and logo plugged into Wave, with templates set up to give you consistent
branding when creating invoices or estimates.


Trade Show Banner - $280
Design of a roll-up banner or table banner ideal for trade show use.

Letterhead Template for Word - $280
Your branding worked into a customized Word template for business communications, including header/footer and/or background.

One-Pager / Sellsheet - $320
An 8.5x11” double-sided page that informs your target market about your business or products.

Postcard / Rack Card - $320
The perfect way to give people a quick snapshot of what you do. Double-sided, usually printed on card stock for durability. Sizes vary. Can be set up for self-printing (2-up or 4-up on a page).


Mini Brochure - $400 4 Mini Pages (8.5x11” folded in half)
Offer your target a concise description of your business in a mini, booklet-type format.

Large Brochure - $400 4 Pages (11x17” folded in half)
Similar to the mini brochure, this one is sized larger, allowing you to insert great product shots
and/or graphics.

PowerPoint Template - $400
Your brand elements—colours, fonts, logo, graphics—worked into a PowerPoint template you can use over and over again in your business presentations.

Let’s Work Creatively Together!
Have an idea you need help executing? I would love to work on it together.
My rate is $80/hr and I am happy to provide you with an estimate.